The Listening room

The listening room



  • Imagine Otherwise: Tina Campt on Listening to Images
  • Phonic Substance: Arthur Jafa
  • -Hyènes OST: Wasis Diop
  • -A game of hide & seek and ‘Red light/Green light’
  • Mind and soul 5: Do Kenyan schools teach only theory?: Wandia Njoya
  • Safari (ya Bamba ni machero): Muungano National Choir
  • -Ya Jean: Madilu System
  • -Sound & Color: Alabama Shakes
  • FESTAC ’77: PASS playlist-Chimurenga
  • Desert Island Discs– Professor Stuart Hall
  • -Bank & visa queue number call-out machine
  • -Conspiracy theories re: COVID-19
  • -Julius Eastman
  • Deluxe Edition Double CD set: The Laurence Rassel Show. The Post-Feminist Radio Drama Assassinated Before Broadcast: Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz
  • DVD: En Atendant & Cesena: A Choreographer’s Score- Interviews with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Björn Schmelzer by Bojana Cvejić; Recording & editing by Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes
  • Lo-fi beats to quarantine and stay indoors to 🏠 



Rain in Nairobi: 29.04.19 | 20:53



  • -Laurie Anderson
  • -Pauline Oliveros & Ione
  • -Éliane Radigue
  • -Podcast: ArtAsiaPacific: Reading Raqs
  • -Podcast: Corpus: a podcast about visual arts in Eastern Africa. Hosted by Nyambura Mutanyi & Don Handa
  • -Storytelling: Bizuayehu and Tarik by Robel Temesgen
  • -Podcast: Nipe Story: Tribute to Binyavanga Wainaina by Billy Kahora
  • Vinyl: Tribute to Mzee Kenyatta: St Stephens Church Choir-Conducted by Darius Mbela
  • Podcast: Otherwise: Episode 86: The New Curriculum
  • -Machine: Projector