Renee Akitelek Mboya in conversation with Arlene Wandera

“I am essentially a maker but people feel more at ease when I describe myself as a sculptor… which is also fine.”  Arlene Wandera


Arlene Wandera was born in Kenya and moved to the UK with her family during her pre-teens.  

She works with multiple mediums, including sculpture, installation, and image making. Her works initially stem from her immediate experiences intertwined with childhood memories, before developing into forms that navigate complex social and political interactions in daily life.

Many of Arlene’s works are made using common, discarded and forgotten materials like fabric off-cuts, broken furniture and empty food tins, broken wine glasses, reminiscent of repurposing. This is particularly prevalent in her ongoing series Rejects Reclaimed”.


In her sculpture series “Everymen”, the conflict and relationship between Wandera’s heritage and life in the west, inform much of the production process, resulting in works that resonate with the viewer. 


Arlene is also one half of the collaborative duo Duck & Rabbit Projects. More…