Thresholds | Anita Kavochy

by Esther Kariuki



Thresholds is a continuum of introspection-filled self portraits that gradually unfold, eventually losing the artist’s form to develop a more abstract expression. The 14 works displayed in Kavochy’s first solo exhibition are collectively drawn, painted and marked with gripping scribbles of raw diaristic text.


The self-portrait is a most introspective choice of work with the artist faced with the task of choosing what to show, how to show it and perhaps most daunting, why to show it. The choice of; in Kavochy’s words; what to cover, uncover, recover, discover, reveal or hide. For an exploration of transparency, semi naked nudes seem an apt choice by the artist. More…


Young Guns | Don Handa

by Don Handa



“Who are these ‘Young Guns’? Where have they come from? Who are their mentors? What are their concerns, their dreams, their aspirations?”


These questions, simultaneously pertinent and tedious, are the object of Young Guns, Circle Art Gallery’s exhibition of emerging voices in Nairobi’s art scene. With its conspicuously all male cast of twenty six, drawn from various artist spaces within Nairobi – communal work spaces, artist collectives, and private studios – the exhibition attempts to capture the expanding scope of artistic practice within the city. This complete absence of women artists, from the outset, lends an irregularity to Young Guns. More…