An archive is a block of compressed anger. To exist, the archive of power needs to destroy the memories of political and sexual minorities. Every fire contains the fire with which the memory of the other is destroyed.-Segments from Paul B. Preciados text, ‘My body doesn’t exist’


Using the idea of exploration and excavation as metaphor, this extensive project takes the form of a dig where we unearth stories through individual and group excursions by scouring through archives and other audiovisual material at various points of culture preservation in Kenya. Some of these spaces are The Kenya National Archives, The McMillan Memorial Library, The Nairobi Gallery, The National Museum(s) of Kenya, Paa ya Paa Gallery and a selection of studio visits. Our first dig focuses on the role of collections particularly in African countries and a re-visit of the late Joseph Murumbi’s collection. Over the course of June-August we will be presenting our thoughts to a public audience and amongst ourselves while addressing ideas around collecting, poetry and politics, fiction, exhibition making and envisioning the looted dream that would have been the Murumbi Institute of African Studies and Research Centre.

Session #1: March-September 2018

*Image from a report by Alexandra Trone on the Conservation of the Joseph Murumbi African Art Collection, Nairobi