The Operating Room


Body | Machine | Location

Where the body, machine & location intersect
There is no stage
There is no beginning nor ending
The play has already started





-The former Ichinomiya Central Nursing School: Aichi, Japan


-Event horizon

Feral Atlas: Curated and Edited by Anna L. Tsing, Jennifer Deger, Alder Keleman Saxena and Feifei Zhou

-COVID-19 PCR testing & vaccination sites

-Dr. Stella Nyanzi- cyber harassment case & nude protest

-VFS & TLS visa application centres- Nairobi

-Nyayo House (Immigration Dept.)

-Huduma Centers

-Referral hospitals

-Moi Avenue/Tom Mboya st. opposite fire-station

-Institute of Primate Research

#kot (Kenyans on Twitter)

-Mkunguni Square, Lamu

-Mpesa (kiosks)

-Mall checkpoints





-Hyper objects

-COVID-19 PCR Testing kit & certificate

-Knife sharpening bicycle

-Home appliance manuals



-Measuring tape

-Electric Kettle



-Helical spring


-High school love notes on Floppy disk c.2004

-Ebony magazine embedded sound chip

-Digital & slide projectors

-Weather & whether instruments



-Dark Ecology



-Animal migration patterns


-Ineos 1:59 challenge, 2019

-2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census

-(CBC) Competency Based Curriculum- Kenya’s new education system est. in 2017

-Weather & whether instruments



The Living Room




The Viewing room

The viewing room





  • -The Metamorphosis of Birds, 2020: dir. Catarina Vasconcelos
  • -The Owl’s Legacy, 1989: dir. Chris Marker
  • -Film as a Subversive Art: Amos Vogel and Cinema 16, 2003
  • -Mann & Frau & Animal, 1973: dir. Valie Export
  • -Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda, 2017: dir. Stephen Nomura Schible
  • -Chambre 666, 1982: dir. Wim Wenders
  • -AI robot Ai-Da gives evidence to a House of Lords inquiry
  • -71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance, 1996: dir. Michael Haneke
  • -Ghost in the Shell, 1995: dir. Mamoru Oshii
  • -NASA Artemis 1 moon launch (attempts)
  • -Perfect Blue, 1997: dir. Satoshi Kon
  • -The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years without Images, 2011: dir. Eric Baudelaire
  • -Notes for a Film in India, 1968: dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • -Crash, 1996: dir. David Cronenburg
  • -The Taste of Tea, 2004: dir. Katsuhito Ishii‎
  • eflux live: Towards Non-Anthropocentric Moving Images: Exemplars of a Counter-History. A lecture by Jonathan Walley
  • -Cobra Mist, 2009: dir. Emily Richardson
  • Filming Revolution: A Meta-Documentary about Filmmaking in Egypt since the revolution: Alisa Lebow
  • -Meshes of the Afternoon, 1943: dir. Maya Deren & Alexander Hammid
  • -Aldona, 2013: dir. Emilija Škarnulytė
  • -Scenes from a Sketchbook, 2016: dir. Amit Dutta
  • -Kramasha (To Be Continued), 2007: dir. Amit Dutta
  • Animism: Episode 1: A Report on Migrating Souls in Museums and Moving Pictures
  • -Sicilia!, 1998 dir. Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub
  • -Knife Sharpener in Ngong town
  • -Memoria, 2021: dir. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
  • -Blue, 1993: dir. Derek Jarman
  • -Björk talking about her TV


The Listening room

The listening room


  • -Athletes & police training sessions on the field outside my studio
  • -Chords, C Major & the Pentatonic Scale
  • -Composition, sampling & recording instruments on an R8 sequencer scavenged in Japan
  • -The Listening House in Tokoname, Japan by Theaster Gates: A collection of records of Black soul music and experimental jazz acquired by Gates from his late friend, ceramicist Marva Jolly (1937–2012)
  • -Shinkansen (bullet train) at Nagoya Station, Japan
  • -Ukai fishing on River Kiso, Aichi prefecture
  • -Train rides: Japan, summer 2022
  • -Brian Eno: Ambient 1: Music for Airports
  • -Political campaign sounds: 2022 General Elections; Kenya
  • Inigradan: Les Filles de Illighadad
  • -Serpent and the Egg: Emilie Wright
  • Legui Legui from Yaral Sa Doom by Wau Wau Collectif
  • -Going Home: Alice Coltrane
  • -CD: Deutzer Brücke, Köln- Mai 2015: sound atmosphere of the Rhine Bridge
  • -CD: Benjamin Patterson: Born in the State of Flux/Us (Disc I & II)
  • -Golden Hours: Cucina Povera & Haron Aumaj
  • -Cherry Colored Funk: Cocteau Twins (See You Soon, Ambient Mix XXIV) by Jorkes & Paris Böhm
  • -Sega Bodega: I Need Nothing From You (Oliver Coates version)
  • -Av Duet: Lung dart
  • -A Blues In Drag: The Glove
  • -Loja: Southern Shores
  • -Laurie Anderson: The Talk Normal Anthology
  • -Bach: The Cello Suites. Recomposed by Peter Gregson- suite no.4 in E-flat Major, 4.5 Bourrées
  • -Maria Somerville: NTS


The Reading room

The reading room


  • -Instructional Cinema and African Audiences in Colonial Kenya, 1926–1963: Samson Kaunga Ndanyi
  • -Cinema Expanded: Avant-Garde Film in the Age of Intermedia: Jonathan Walley
  • -The Skin of the Film: Laura Marks
  • -The hills have ideologies: The fûkeiron tradition in Japanese landscape cinema: Conor Bateman
  • -Memoria: Apichatpong Weerasethakul & team. The book features materials collected during the development, writing, pre-production & shoot of the film
  • -Steve McQueen: Tate Modern in collaboration with Pirelli HangarBicocca
  • -Black Chapel: Theaster Gates
  • -Institute of Radical Imagination(IRI)
  • -Working-class Cinema in the Age of Digital Capitalism: Massimiliano Mollona
  • -A glossary for arts education: On the Home Workspace Program 2014–2015: Edited by Özge Ersoy
  • -Publishing as Method: In Conversation with Özge Ersoy and Paul C. Fermin: IDEAS Journal
  • Jackie Karuti: Notes Movement Method
  • -Tube Dust Drone: Brückenmusik 1995-2015
  • -Sneak Review: Benjamin Patterson
  • -Das Rheingold (a new attempt): A multi-media opera by Ben Patterson
  • -I Will Draw a Map of What You Never See. Endeavours in Rhythmanalysis: SAVVY Books
  • -Ultrasanity. On Madness, Sanitation, Anti-psychiatry and Resistance: SAVVY Books
  • -The Russian Experiment in Art, 1863-1922: Camilla Gray
  • -Would That I Might Reach Myself Before All Others: Barbara Casavecchia on Maria Lai
  • -Ralph Lemon: Thomas J. Lax, MOMA
  • -What the Fire Sees: A Divided Reader
  • -Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead: Olga Tokarczuk