The Operating Room


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There is no stage. There is no beginning nor ending. The play has already started.






The Living Room




The Viewing room

The viewing room


  • -15:35, 23rd December: Owl visit outside my kitchen window. Magical way to end & begin a year. To infinite wisdom & beyond!!!
  • -Balcony views: cloud, crow, sheep, flag & ball movements
  • Àsìkò: The Pan-African Alternative Art School
  • -Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint: dir. Halina Dyrschka
  • Compost Archive: A video by Filipa César and Louis Henderson about Guinea-Bissau’s film archives
  • -Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva: 4 Waters-Deep Implicancy
  • Material Ecology: Live Q&A with Paola Antonelli and Neri Oxman
  • Ruth Wilson Gilmore & Mariame Kaba in Conversation
  • -The Woman by the Window: Coco Fusco
  • Flotsam Jetsam: David Kelley and Patty Chang
  • -Richard Avedon, James Baldwin: Nothing Personal
  • Immortality for All: A film trilogy on Russian Cosmism: Anton Vidokle
  • -Soshite Chichi ni Naru (Like Father, Like Son): dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda
  • -Time. Space. Existence: Balkrishna Doshi 
  • -Landless (Chão): dir. Camila Freitas
  • -The Africa Institute, Talk: Jihan El-Tahri
  • -Cuba, an African Odyssey: dir. Jihan El-Tahri
  • -Europa ’51: dir. Roberto Rossellini
  • -Meet the Curator: Shubigi Rao With Kochi Biennale Foundation
  • -An Opera of the World: dir. Manthia Diawara
  • The Giverny Document: dir. Ja’Tovia Gary
  • -Millennium Actress: dir. Satoshi Kon
  • -Minor Matter: Ligia Lewis
  • -John Akomfrah in conversation with Tina Campt, Ekow Eshun & Saidiya Hartman
  • -Self Unfinished (1998): Xavier Le Roy
  • -Kiki’s Delivery Service: dir. Hayao Miyazaki
  • Okwui Okpokwasili
  • Poor People’s TV Room: Okwui Okpokwasili & Peter Born
  • -La Siesta: dir. Federico Luis Tachella
  • -Los Gatos: dir. Alejandro Ríos
  • 24 Frames Per Century: dir. Athina Rachel Tsangari
  • -The Epic of Everest, 1924: dir. Captain John Noel
  • -Shiraz: A Romance of India, 1928: dir. Franz Osten
  • -Our Little Sister: dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda
  • -Love is the Message, the Message is Death: Arthur Jafa 
  • -Audre Lorde- The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992: dir. Dagmar Schultz
  • -Geographies of Racial Capitalism with Ruth Wilson Gilmore: An Antipode Foundation film
  • -Grey Matter (Matière Grise): dir. Kivu Ruhorahoza
  • -Fúria: Lia Rodrigues
  • -Yugoslavia- How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body: dir. Marta Popivoda
  • Seaside library with board-marked concrete walls
  • -Son of Gone Fishin’: Trisha Brown
  • -One Flat Thing: William Forsythe
  • -Hyenas- dir. Djibril Diop Mambéty
  • -The Stuart Hall Project- dir. John Akomfrah
  • -The Last Angel of History- dir. John Akomfrah
  • Pythagorean home amidst olive grove
  • -Félicité- dir. Alain Gomis
  • -Black Panthers- dir. Agnès Varda
  • -Muhammad Ali, The Greatest- dir. William Klein
  • -Funk lessons: Adrian Piper
  • How Clouds are Formed: Jackie Karuti


The Listening room

The listening room


Covid research: Street announcement via megaphone | 16.12 20 | 3pm




Shepherd in Ngong: 24.11.20 | 11am




Defrosting Freezer: 30.08.20 | 10am-7pm




  • -The next revolution will not be funded: Ruth Wilson Gilmore
  • -Fanon and national culture: Wandia Njoya
  • -Wildebeest stampede
  • -Audiogyan podcast: Goan architecture and more with Meetu Akali
  • Imagine Otherwise: Tina Campt on Listening to Images
  • Phonic Substance: Arthur Jafa
  • -Hyènes OST: Wasis Diop
  • -A game of hide & seek and ‘Red light/Green light’
  • Mind and soul 5: Do Kenyan schools teach only theory?: Wandia Njoya
  • Safari (ya Bamba ni machero): Muungano National Choir
  • -Ya Jean: Madilu System
  • FESTAC ’77: PASS playlist-Chimurenga
  • Desert Island Discs– Professor Stuart Hall
  • -Bank & visa queue number call-out machine
  • -Conspiracy theories re: COVID-19
  • -Julius Eastman
  • Deluxe Edition Double CD set: The Laurence Rassel Show. The Post-Feminist Radio Drama Assassinated Before Broadcast: Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz
  • DVD: En Atendant & Cesena: A Choreographer’s Score- Interviews with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Björn Schmelzer by Bojana Cvejić; Recording & editing by Olivia Rochette & Gerard-Jan Claes


The Reading room

The reading room



  • -Clay Plates. Broken Records of Kiswahili Proverbs: Alexis Teyie
  • Leave It To The Davenports: Dandybear
  • -Condition Report III. On Art History in Africa: Raw Material Company
  • -Looking Forward. Looking Black, 1999: Jo Anna Isaak
  • -We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women 1965-1985. A Sourcebook
  • -Down River Road (drr): Place & Ritual
  • -If I Could Write This in Fire: Michelle Cliff
  • -L’Internationale Online
  • Field Conditions: Stan Allen
  • -Material Thought: Siah Armajani and the Half-Open Door: Simon Beeson
  • 53 Acts of Living: Canisia Lubrin
  • -Hapticity and Time. Notes on Fragile Architecture: Juhani Pallasmaa
  • In The Den of the Alchemist: Souleymane Bachir Diagne
  • -Fate Work: A Conversation between Valentina Desideri and Stefano Harney
  • Semiotics of the Cod: João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
  • -Black Visual Frequency: A Glossary: Tina Campt
  • The university is dead; long live the university: Wandia Njoya
  • -Public Sphere by Performance: Bojana Cvejić & Ana Vujanović
  • -E-ducating the gaze: The idea of a poor pedagogy: Jan Masschelein
  • -Beyond The River Yei. Life in the land where sleeping is a disease: Binyavanga Wainaina
  • -The Re-Enchantment of Humanism: An Interview with Sylvia Wynter: David Scott
  • The Ignorant Dramaturg: Bojana Cvejić
  • -Moving as Thing. Choreographic Critiques of the Object: André Lepecki
  • -Sculpture in the Expanded Field: Rosalind Krauss
  • Thought is a Material: Talking with Mel Bochner about Space, Art, and Language: Alexander Kranjec
  • -Black visuality and the practice of refusal: Tina Campt
  • -Form & Object. A Treatise on Things: Tristan Garcia
  • De-Territorializing the Child: Towards a Theory of Affect in Educational Philosophy and Research: Marta Pires
  • -Städelschule Lectures: 2019-1999
  • -Duty Free Art. Art in the age of planetary civil war: Hito Steyerl
  • Cinephilia and Monstrosity: The Problem of Cinema in Deleuze’s Cinema Books: Claire Perkins
  • -The House of Hunger: Dambudzo Marechera
  • -En atendant & Cesena: A Choreographer’s Score: Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker & Bojana Cvejić
  • -Festac ’77: Chimurenga
  • -Maps And Wander Lines: Fernand Deligny
  • -(panic) shopping list(s)
  • -No Roses from My Mouth: Poems from Prison: Dr. Stella Nyanzi
  • Listening to Images: Tina M. Campt
  • -In the Wake: On Blackness and Being: Christina Sharpe
  • -Choreographing Problems: Expressive Concepts in European Contemporary Dance and Performance: Bojana Cvejić
  • Towards a Poetics of Imagination. On Mette Edvardsen’s poetry and its penchant to imagine a clandestine side to things: Bojana Cvejić
  • -Walenisi: Katama Mkangi
  • -The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study Stefano Harney and Fred Moten
  • -Deutscher Pavillon 2013, La Biennale di Venezia: Ai Weiwei, Romuald Karmakar, Santu Mofokeng, Dayanita Singh
  • -The Wretched of the Earth: Frantz Fanon
  • ArtAsiaPacific
  • Monoskop