The Reading room

The reading room


-Orphans of politics: A conversation with Lea Melandri on dependency, autonomy, love
By Christina Chalmers

-Silvano Agosti in conversation with Adelita Husni Bey

-Tube Dust Drone: Brückenmusik 1995-2015

-Breathing Out of School: Raw Académie. Edited by Koyo Kouoh

-All Incomplete: Stefano Harney & Fred Moten

-A Black Hole is Everything a Star Longs to Be: Kara Walker

-“1990: L.A., ‘The Gold Field‘”: Felix Gonzalez-Torres

-A Black Gaze: Artists Changing How We See: Tina M. Campt

-Agnes Martin: Paintings and Drawings 1974-1990: Published by Museum Wiesbaden

-Notes and Methods: Hilma Af Klint

-Methods and Processes: Ben Patterson

-Das Rheingold ( a new attempt): A multi-media opera by Ben Patterson

-Ben Patterson- Event Scores: Benedikt Stegmayer

-Ben Patterson- In the State of Fluxus: Published by Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

-Benjamin Patterson- Living Fluxus: Published by Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

-Fluxus Vivus: The Arts Club of Chicago

-Cosmic shift: Russian contemporary art writing

-The Domain of the Great Bear: Mel Bochner & Robert Smithson

-Japanese Expanded Cinema and Intermedia: Critical Texts of the 1960s: Produced by
Collaborative Cataloging Japan

-How Does The World Breathe Now? Film as witness, archive, and political tool: SAVVY Books

-Ultrasanity. On Madness, Sanitation, Anti-psychiatry, and Resistance: SAVVY Books

-We Have Delivered Ourselves from the Tonal- Of, Towards, On, For Julius Eastman: SAVVY Books

-An Apartment on Uranus. Chronicles of the Crossing: Paul B. Preciado

-Museum, Urban Detritus & Pornography: Paul B. Preciado

-Hauntology, Nostalgia & Lost Futures: Mark Fisher interviewed by Valerio Mannucci & Valerio Mattioli for Nero (2014)

-Acid Communism (unfinished introduction): Mark Fisher

-What are the politics of boredom? (ballard 2003 remix): k-punk 08.03.2005

-Invisible Inventories. Questioning Kenyan Collections in Western Museums: International Inventories Programme(IIP)

-People Who Think Together Dance Together: A Manifesto: Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa

-Antoni Tàpies. Updated reflections: Arnau Puig, Tàpies Today

-Art Without Work & Work Without Art: Georgia Sagri

-Motion Capture: Lucy Raven

-Movement short stories: Jackie Karuti

-The Thinking Hand: Existential and Embodied Wisdom: Juhani Pallasmaa

My body doesn’t exist: Paul B. Preciado

Tidalectic Lectures: Kamau Brathwaite’s Prose/Poetry as Sound-Space: Anna Reckin

-Book pull-out. Preliminary thoughts and constructions: Roseline Olang

-Etching ingredients: Jackie Karuti

Cosmic Bulletin: Institute of the Cosmos

-Matter of Record, 2010: Peterson Kamwathi

-Gray Latitudes: Michelle Angwenyi

-Behind the mirror: Jen Huxta

-Life Notes. Personal writings by contemporary Black women: Patricia Bell-Scott

-Slide Show. Projected images in contemporary Art: Darsie Alexander

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