The Viewing room

The viewing room


-How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere?, 2010: Ralph Lemon

-Scuola senza fine (School Without End), 1983: Adriana Monti

-D’amore si vive (We Live of Love), 1983: Silvano Agosti

-Drawings: Agnes Martin, On a Clear Day, 1973: Museum Wiesbaden Collection

-Ben Patterson: Paper Music [excerpt]: FLUXUS Classics’92 Malmö , Sweden, 1992

-Pressure, 1976: Horace Ové

-Baldwin’s N*****, 1969: Horace Ové

-An Image, 1983: Harun Farocki

-Impressions for a Light and Sound Machine, 2017: Colectivo Los Ingrávidos

-Latin American Art Symposium: Cecilia Vicuña, an artist interview

-Measures of Distance, 1988: Mona Hatoum

-The Thief, 1998: Francis Alÿs

-Paul B. Preciado in conversation with Jack Halberstam: The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (ICA)

-Remembering Agnes Denes’s “Wheatfield” | THE SHED

-Respiro, 2002: dir. Emanuele Crialese

-T2 Trainspotting- Choose Life speech

Annea Lockwood/A Film About Listening: dir. Sam Green

-The Radiant, 2012: The Otolith Group (Anjalika Sagar & Kodwo Eshun)

-Video 50, 1978: Robert Wilson

-The Tulse Luper Suitcases Part I- The Moab Story: Peter Greenaway

-Shepherd, sheep & 3-legged goat

Ulysse, 1982: dir. Agnès Varda

-Clock Shower, 1974: Gordon Matta-Clark

-Evaporating river: Ngatataek, Kajiado

-M, 1978: dir. Fritz Lang

-Jubilee, 1978: dir. Derek Jarman

-Teorema, 1968: dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini

-Flaming Creatures, 1963: Jack Smith

-Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, 1975: dir. Chantal Akerman

-Jules & Jim, 1962: dir. François Truffaut

-Fitzcarraldo, 1982: dir. Werner Herzog

-Bitter Lake, 2015: dir. Adam Curtis

-The Century of the Self, 2002: dir. Adam Curtis

-Critique de la séparation, 1961: Guy Debord

-La Société du Spectacle, 1967: Guy Debord

-Red Hot Riding Hood, 1943: dir. Tex Avery

-Blitz Wolf, 1942: dir. Tex Avery

-Godard in America, 1970: dir. Ralph Thanhauser

-The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun, 1999: dir. Djibril Diop Mambéty

-The Dreamers, 2003: dir. Bernardo Bertolucci

-Journeys From Berlin-1971, 1980: dir. Yvonne Rainer

-Javelin thrower